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Anti-Hacking – Windows Advanced Edition 2014

RAMBO Anti-hacking Software – Edition

RAMBO-Technology Anti Hacking Security Software2014, the award-winning PC security program from Rambotic’s, offers automatic, comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, phishing, spam, and hackers. Now offering improved speed and performance, it remains one of the most popular security programs available. Startup and scan times have been decreased, and you get an always-on two-way firewall that monitors traffic both in and out of your computer. Its web site authentication technology even warns you if you navigate to a known phishing site.

Stop unwanted web traffic from ENTERING Your PC!

Internet Anti Hacking Security 2014  is the most important feature is the two-way firewall, a crucial feature not usually found in standalone anti-virus packages. Unlike the basic firewall that comes with Windows, which filters only inbound connections, Rambo’s firewall protects against both inbound and outbound connections. For protection against constantly emerging new threats, Rambo Technology now offers Rapid Pulse Updates, the download service that provides new features, product updates, and threat advisories, which are delivered every 5 to 15 minutes.

Thousands of Hardware through-out Keeping Your Data Safe!

Protect your PC from Walware and Introducers

Anti-Hacking Software is designed to detect and remove spyware and viruses, block worms, and locate potentially malicious rootkits, using the included Anti-Virus software. Integrated with the rest of Norton’s security technologies, it can start up with Windows and run in the background, preventing many types of threats from ever damaging your system. It runs

more efficiently than previous versions, and the new recovery tool can attempt to repair infections on compromised PCs. High Level Anti- Hacking is sometimes Gavernment Created High Level Anti-Hacking Internet Security 2012 includes email and instant message scanning to protect against infected attachments. Five addtional layers of spyware protection are included. The Anti-Virus portion blocks it from hijacking your computer, and the firewall prohibits it from accessing the internet. Finally, the website inspection feature can examine any site you browse to make sure it is not a fraudulent site trying to lure you into entering sensitive personal information.

Anti-Hacking Feature’s & Details
  • Stop viruses, spyware, and online identity theft with the industry’s most powerful protection
    • RAMBO-Technology  Ranked #1-is proven to stop up to 90% of online threats.
    • Four different layers of smart protection proactively detect and eliminate threats before they reach your computer.
    • Identifies and stops new threats faster than other less sophisticated security software.
  • Browse, shop, bank, socialize all online without any worry
    • Searches Scans email and instant messages for Viruses, suspicious links, Infected attachments, and other dangers before you ever even think of opening them up.
    • Identifies safe websites, proactively blocks unsafe sites, and Stops online threats before your browser even loads them.
    • Prevents cybercriminals from hacking into your PC or LapTop and swiping your information when you use wireless networks.
  • Enjoy your favorite online activities safely, without annoying slowdowns or disruptions
    • RAMBO-Technology offers the best Protection and Fastest Performance SPEEDS in the industry. Most programs are  controlled  and Ran  completely  in the background so it won’t interrupt your work or play.
    • Won’t swallow up your computer’s memory and hard disk space as RAMBO was built with your Security SafetyPC  Optimization  and the Protection of your PC.
  • Get up and running fast with our quick easy to install Download or install a RAMBO Security CD or setup downloader  which you will find in our Welcome email along with download links and KEY CODES and basic instruction on how to set your RAMBO Interface!   All new Software clients will receive FREE PC Tech Support and Repair along with their purchase.
    • Installs online  in less than a minute with a single mouse click or receive our  full vesion RAMBO-Technology  Software CD for in house use.
    • Proactively tells you if files and applications are safe or may slow down or crash your computer.
    • Improved customizable Interface Control Center now lets you choose between a simple or a detailed view for accessing program controls and Web-based RAMBO-Technology services.